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Frequently Asked Questions​

As a subcontractor, you only need to pre-qualify with Petra once each year regardless of how many of our offices with which you would like to bid work. Complete and return the following Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Form.


Most of our projects are available for all firms to bid without advance pre-qualification. Evaluation of the received bids will consider whether the successful bidder has the appropriate financial, material and equipment, and facility and personnel resources to meet the contractual requirements. A satisfactory record of previous contract performance, quality, safety, and integrity is also evaluated. Should pre-qualification be required for a specific bid, we will advertise and/or contact potential bidders for pre-qualification information prior to issuing bid documents.

Please check your contract for the required insurance coverage rates for Worker’s Compensation, General Liability, and Automobile Liability. All required Insurance coverage shall be obtained and Certificates of Insurance delivered to Petra prior to commencement of any work. Make sure the certificate holder is Petra and in the description area on the certificate the name of project is listed.

Bonding may be required due to the size of the proposed subcontract or state law, e.g. Washington GC/CM work.

Subcontractors are required to comply with our Safety Program, including its procedures, practices and policies.

Yes. Every person that works for Petra is subject to Drug & Alcohol testing. Petra pays for the cost of the laboratory analysis when coming on board as a Petra employee.

Most projects will not have immediate bid results. Petra will properly evaluate each proposal to do a fair and complete analysis. Typically, one to two weeks following a bid will give us the apparent low bidder for each trade, Results are then given out. Some of our larger projects may take longer.

All required documents, e.g., Subcontract or Purchase Agreement, Performance and Payment Bonds (if required), Certificate of Insurance, pre-qualification form, CCIP Enrollment (if applicable), Competent Person’s Form and Safety Plan – MSDA Sheets should be returned within fifteen (15) days of award.

If you are contracted on the project a Payment package which consists of Application for payment, Schedule of Value and Progress Lien Waiver must be submitted to Petra’s Accounting Department no later than the 25th of the month. Payment packages received after the 25th will be delayed 30 days being processed for payment. If you are not contracted send an invoice to the Accounting Department. You can email the payment packet directly to and always mail the originals to Petra.

A fully executed waiver form with each of your Suppliers and Sub-Tier Contractors must be submitted to the Accounting Department before payment will be processed.