Project Coordinator – Idaho

The Project Coordinator provides administrative support to the Project Team. Their primary contribution is in ensuring that trade partners and vendors have accurately completed and returned key contractual documents, so that they can begin work on the project. They review trade partners’ certificates of insurance to verify accuracy and required limits. They are key partners of Project Administrators, often taking on delegated responsibilities that allow the Project Administrator to focus on critical project tasks. They also assist both the Project Administrator and Project Engineer in distributing, tracking, and logging trade partners’ documents such as subcontract agreements and purchase orders, requests for pricing, change orders, submittals, and closeout documents. The Project Coordinator can effectively manage 10 to 15 projects at a time or $20 million to $30 million of annual revenue.

This position will report directly to, and collaborate closely with, the Operations Manager, or if there is no Operations Manager, to the Director of Construction. On assigned projects, they take direction from the Project Administrator. They also have regular interactions with Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Accounting Specialists.

The Project Coordinator has the following core areas of accountability:
Project Startup

  • Participate in the various project startup meetings (i.e., with the Project TEAM, the owner, and the trade partners).
  • Compare project drawings and documents to the contractual cover sheet, identify any discrepancies, and communicate them to the Project Administrator.
  • Assist the Project Administrator to utilize the project drawings and documents to create the drawing log for inclusion into subcontracts.
  • Assist the Project Engineer in uploading initial project drawings and documents into the project management system.

    Project Administration
  • Maintain the project directory, partnering with Accounting and Finance to create and update companies and users.
  • Share insurance documents with project partners as directed by the Project Manager.
  • Participate in regular Project TEAM meetings.
  • As requested, print project drawings and updates and send them to the Field TEAM.
  • Provide general administrative support to the Project TEAM with routine duties such as scheduling meetings and saving various project-related documents in the project information folder.

    Trade Partner and Vendor Contract Management
  • Ensure trade partners’ readiness to perform work by requesting, tracking, reviewing, and logging required compliance documents such as executed subcontract and purchase order agreements, W-9’s, certificates of insurance, and other project forms.
  • Review trade partners’ certificates of insurance for accuracy and appropriate limits. Maintain a log of all certificates and their expiration date, and notify trade partners proactively when certificates are set to expire.
  • Assist the Project Administrator in setting up trade partners and vendors in the project management system; distributing draft and approved subcontracts and purchase orders to partners; and track and log receipt of executed agreements.
  • Follow up with trade partners and vendors to ensure they return documents such as subcontracts and purchase orders, lien waivers, forms, change orders, and requests for pricing.
  • Review returned subcontract and purchase order agreements, and communicate markups to the Project Manager.
  • Assist the Project Engineer in requesting pricing for change orders from trade partners and vendors and tracking receipt.


Project Coordinator