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At Petra, we are passionate about building individuals into the best versions of themselves, achieving their goals and dreams. In turn, they help us to create communities by building projects of exceptional quality and value.

What ties our team together

We are builders, eager to serve our customers and deliver complex projects that enhance the communities we live in. 

The combined effort of a group contributing their best personal attributes towards achievement of a common goal in an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect.

Staying committed to our moral and ethical principles by doing the right thing in every circumstance and interaction to provide high quality service and excellence.

Surpassing ordinary standards and requirements to exceed expectations.

We do it safely or we don’t do it. There is no compromise.

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Petra has been operating continuously since its establishment in 1994. Our portfolio of work includes experience in an array of market sectors.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Petra takes pride in our ability to provide top-quality construction services. We advocate for our clients’ best interests through transparency, cost effectiveness, and consistently delivering projects on time and within budget.


We believe that clear communication is critical to successfully design, build, and complete your project on time and on budget. Petra has successfully completed both large and small-scale projects, and understands that no matter the scale, the application of sound design, budgeting, scheduling, leadership, and communication principles are what leads to a successful project.






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We are proud to be part of these professional associations and organizations.

Authorized Builder

We are proud to partner with American Buildings a NUCOR brand as an authorized builder.

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