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Petra is committed to providing your business with all the self-storage construction services you need to deliver lasting solutions for your project needs. Our clientele have come to trust our advice in helping them build profitable and successful self-storage construction facilities. We will partner with you to analyze, plan, develop, and deliver self-storage solutions that are unmatched anywhere else in the industry. Our most popular self-storage services include:

Your company will benefit from our holistic self-storage approach for all your business needs because we offer all the services you need to develop a project on time and under budget with peace of mind. Our certified engineers will deliver necessary planning and oversight for your project, while our trained construction professionals will oversee the project from beginning to end.

We will review your self-storage construction site plan and provide valuable feedback based on our years of experience. Once your site plan is evaluated and approved, our expert team will guide you through the process to develop a practical building layout that maximizes ROI and meets your construction and development goals. Our experience as a self-storage construction contractor includes the following types of self-storage facilities:

Self-Storage Experience

Self-Storage Experience


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