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The expert construction and completion of office space, whether it begins with pouring a concrete slab for a new building or gutting an existing space to meet a client’s needs, requires extensive building experience and second-to-none communication skills. Petra can promise both.

Your project could be a corporate headquarters, a software company, a law firm or a multi-use office building. Regardless, any project from the ground up begins with contractors that can read blueprints and elevations, expertly grade a site for drainage, sewage and parking, and install water, sewer, gas and fire-sprinkler lines. Crews must set rebar and pour foundations, build walls and install the roof and any windows or doors before moving inside.

These elements of construction may sound routine, but they are anything but; mistakes at any stage can be expensive and time-consuming for the client. Petra thinks ahead and communicates constantly – with the client, the project’s architect, suppliers, and our own crews – ensuring that preparations and materials are ready at each step in the chain.

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Office Experience


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